10 Seconds to Define Your Customer Service


Did you know, ladies and gentlemen, it only takes 10 seconds to define your service with customers? During those crucial 10 seconds, your client has already decided if your service is:

1. Acceptable. 2. If they will be returning to you, your establishment or business.

When your new customer makes their first phone call or enters your business for the first time, they want to know their money will be well spent, and you value them as a client.

The mistake most companies make is:

1. Believing the initial first impression takes longer than 10 seconds to establish. 2. The 10 second period is for building the relationship.

3. The client is subject to the business timing and way of doing things.

4. The customer is not that important. Unfortunately, 10 seconds is all the time your company has to WOW its customers. Only after your service is clearly defined will the client trust you, which in turn allows you to build a relationship with them over time.

Can you impress your customer with quality service in 10 seconds? The answer is yes! You can win your customers’ loyalty in the first ten seconds by providing these 10 second customer observation winners:

1. A great greeting coupled with friendliness

2. Aesthetically appealing space, office, business, store or facility

3. Acknowledgement of appreciation for seeking out your service, business or company.

Once these three are defined and excellent in their delivery, the next three tips should follow to win customers and retain them.

4. Time

5. Empathy & compassion 6. Consistency

Is your team acting within the 10 second rule? Remember, customer service is not a department but should be a company culture. Share with your team today even if it’s just you and one other, 5 or 100 more and discuss ways to improve your first and lasting impression so you can be in right standing in all that you do leading to success.

Sources: Horst Schulze (The Global Summit) In Right Standing, LLC

Founder & CEO
Jada L. Cofield
In Right Standing, LLC.
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