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Why do employers keep the wrong team members past their expiration date?

  1. Afraid of a Lawsuit

  2. Fear of letting go and feelings of guilt

  3. Procrastination

Often, employers are afraid to discuss the bottom line, when it comes to people and productivity. Companies or small business owners become sensitive to an individual’s feelings, while ignoring the fact the team member is no longer a good fit for the team, company, or position.

Why keep a team member, who has lost enthusiasm, commitment, and effectiveness? You may even ask who would keep such team members, but companies do because of the three reasons mentioned above.

Your team members or employee reflect your company, or not-for-profit organizations, vision, purpose, and overall outward image. Often, organizations want to move forward in growth, expansion, and branding, but cannot due to the lack of effective team leaders and players. Leadership knows where the problem is in their company, but unfortunately, lacks the strength to execute the change, which may include letting people go. Here are ways you can avoid the top three reasons:

1.Utilize HR concerning discipline and the overall file of a team member. Keep accurate files and documentation of all awards and disciplinary actions taken. Implement evaluations. This will become very important in the wake of a lawsuit or will give you the documentation to prove your grounds for dismissal. If you are a small business you can utilize services such as ComplyTrain. ComplyTrain™ is a complete HR Compliance System, providing customized HR policy documents, compliance training, and HR Complaint Tracking all in one easy to use online system. I highly recommend for small to medium size business, as this is an area often over looked and much needed for females and minority business.

2. Fear is always a blurred vision of the truth. You should never feel guilty for executing what would be the overall betterment of the company and others involved. Gather feedback from other leaders and accumulate enough info to make a solid decision. If you have just one employee and things are not working out have a consultation, next schedule a follow-up from the consultation with a documented evaluation. If there is no meaningful change then don't be afraid to say, we are at a good stopping point.

3. Procrastination on the top floor will eventually make its way to the bottom floor, and nothing happens in-between. Handle matters quickly.

Are you doing the right thing by keeping a team member where they don’t belong? It may take you to encourage them to move on and to improve. In business, sometimes, both parties are no longer a good fit, and there is more frustration than collaboration and productivity. If a team member no longer has the overall vision of the company, he or she may need to connect to another vision. These steps will vary for different organizations and company policies but are steps in the right direction. Do what’s best for the organization, and you will see things soar!

Founder & CEO
Jada L. Cofield
In Right Standing, LLC.
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